Simple Steps to Selling

Understanding the Simple Steps to Successfully Selling Your Home

1.  Contact Your Local Realtor

As an experienced real estate professional Elaine and her team can provide you with a COMPLIMENTARY market analysis, which will include the most up to date information on the real estate market today!  Having been in the real estate market for since 1986, Elaine and her team will provide professional guidance through the entire process; from listing, to pricing, to negotiation, home inspections, purchase & sale agreement and finally the sale of your home.  Everyone has different reasons for selling and we are here to help you achieve your goal and move to whatever exiting adventure is in store for you!  Contact us today for help in the sale of your home!

2.  Prepare Your Home for Selling Purposes

FIRST IMPRESSIONS are a key factor in selling your home.  Buyers begin to form opinions and make decisions within seconds of walking through the front door.  Home staging is the art of preparing your home for the real estate market and ensuring that it will appeal to the widest range of buyers.  When you place your home on the market it becomes a product, not unlike one found on a store shelf.  Each home on the market has features and benefits, pluses and minuses, and competition similar to those products on the "shelf."  Presenting your home in the best possible light, often yields a quicker sale and at the highest possible price to the seller.  Take control of your home sale with some of the simple tasks found here.  Need help staging your home? Contact us today for an in-home evaluation of what will help you get top dollar for your home!

3.  Pricing for Sale Purposes

The most important questions you as a seller will need to answer are:

  • Why do you want to sell your home?
  • How soon do you want to sell your home?

After answering these questions, you will work with Elaine to determine the best possible price to list your home for sale in today's market.  Her knowledge and expertise in this area are unsurpassed.  The key to pricing is to set a price that fairly reflects your home's condition, your motivation, and the current market conditions.  A property receives the most attention from buyers in the first few days and weeks on the market!  ACCURATE PRICING from day one is therefore critical to a successful sale.  Contact Elaine today for help in pricing your home!

4.  Offer, Negotiations, and Purchase & Sale

Negotiation of the final purchase price with a buyer(s) can often be tricky.  Skilled in this area, Elaine can help you through this process and help to create a win-win agreement for both buyer and seller.  The PURCHASE & SALE will lay the ground work for the remaining pieces to the sale of your home, such as final sale price, contingency dates, and exact date of closing.  It is often suggested to retain a lawyer for this part of the process to help keep things running smoothly and protect yourself against any issues which may arise.  With Elaine by your side, you are assured to have help keeping your sale on pace for your final closing date and sale of your home!

5.  Closing

Closing, the last step to selling your home is often an anxious time for most sellers.  You can relax with Elaine and her team by your side, whereas you will receive the utmost support and guidance as you close on your home.  The final documents will be signed, monies accounted for, and checks dispersed as necessary to complete your sale!  Once on record at the Registry or Deeds your sale is final!  CONGRATULTIONS YOUR HOME IS SOLD!