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      Home Preparation Tips

      Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

      Exterior Tips

      • Mow and water regularly.
      • Remove garden tools, hoses, toys, and bicycles, especially from the front yard.
      • Dress patio furniture to impress with pillows for added warmth to your yard.
      • Rake lawn and keep clear of grass trimmings and leaves.
      • If you have pets, remove their daily contributions to your lawn.
      • Trim lawn edges at walkways and driveways.
      • Check decking for any repairs and stain if necessary.
      • If you have a sprinkler system - have it serviced.

      Tree and Shrub Tips

      • Edge all planting beds.
      • Replace or freshen up mulch to create a clean/fresh look.
      • Remove all dead or ailing bushes and replace with healthy plants.
      • Prune bushes and trees so their shapes are well defined.
      • Fertilize your shrubs to maintain their healthy look.
      • Plant smaller bushes in front of larger existing plants for depth.
      • Plant in odd numbered groupings and various colors for contrast.

      Interior Tips

      • Make sure walls are free of fingerprints and smudges.
      • Check tiled walls for missing pieces or loose grout.
      • Fix large cracks and holes, call a professional if needed.
      • Update wall hardware, towel bars, and clothes hooks.
      • Choose light, neutral colors for the walls.
      • Paint moldings and wainscoting for a fresh clean look.
      • Use mirrors to create an illusion of larger spaces.
      • Minimize the amount of personal photos on the walls.

      Bedroom Tips

      • Be sure that beds are made for prospective buyers
      • Place all dirty laundry neatly away into hampers.
      • Add accent pillows and/or throw blankets to liven up a room.
      • Clean the clutter from bedroom closets and neatly fold/arrange clothes for an organized feel.

      Bathroom Tips

      • Use towels, face clothes, small plants to soften a "cold" bathroom.
      • Replace shower curtains and rugs if necessary for a clean/fresh look.
      • Be sure all fixtures are clean and in good working order.
      • Check that the caulking is tight and not discolored.  Replace if necessary.
      • Check for proper flushing of toilets and make sure handles are secure.
      • Repair or replace loose pipe insulation.

      Fireplace Tips

      • Have a fire going on cold, wintery days.
      • Remove ashes and clean the fireplace when not in use.
      • Check fireplace screens for holes and glass for cracks.
      • Be sure the mantel and hearth are in good condition.
      • Have a professional clean and check the chimney for issues.
      • Decorate the mantel with various items to warm up the space.
      • Use logs, tools, and equipment as decoration.

      Appliance Tips

      • Be sure the appliances to be sold with the home are in good working condition.
      • Keep appliances clean during your home selling process, both inside and out.
      • Store away small appliances on show days to keep counters uncluttered.
      • Have your furnace cleaned and up to date on maintenance.

      Window Tips

      • Clean windows and sills until they sparkle.
      • Make sure all windows move freely.
      • Freshen worn or flaky paint on windows and their casings.
      • Check awnings and shutters for holes, rips, or missing parts.
      • Repair cracked or broken windows and any repair screens if there are holes.
      • Open all window treatments fully to allow the greatest amount of light.
      • Turn on at least one light in each room, even in the day time.
      • Keep windows clear of all clutter or distracting items.

      A clean and clutter free home will typically sell faster and for more money. 

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