Our Responsibilites to You

What We Will Do For You

Prior to Listing Your Home

  • Property Review - visit your home to determine attributes, conditions, and any other features, which may be helpful when comparing your home to others.
  • Staging Advice - assist you with suggestions to prepare your home for the best presentation prior to placing on the market.
  • Comparative Market Analysis - review comparable homes/properties with you to help determine fair market value and establish a possible listing price of your home.
  • Goal Setting - discuss your personal needs and goals of selling your home.
  • City/Town Research - Research owner information, obtain field card information from the town and a plot plan showing restrictions and possible rights of way, if any.


  • Signage - We will place a permanent reflective 36" sign with wooden post on your property advertising your home for sale within a few days of listing, weather permitting, to help buyers locate your home.
  • MLS Posting - We will increase visibility on multiple platforms by placing your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with details relevant to your home including room dimensions, acreage, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Photography - We will take professional photos of your home for use in marketing your home to it's fullest potential.
  • Feature Sheets - We will prepare a two to five page marketing packet to include property information, photos, plot plan, and any relevant information which may be helpful in marketing your home.
  • Area Brokerages - All RE/MAX agents, as well as other area brokerages, will be informed of your listing to maximize the potential for locating potential buyers.
  • Broker Open House - We will introduce your home to area real estate professionals via a broker open house, typically held during the daytime hours of the week.
  • Public Open House - If beneficial, we may ask to hold a public open house of your home to allow more visibility with prospective buyers.
  • Buyer Questions/Answers - We will assist prospective buyers and/or buyers agents with any questions they may have concerning your home.
  • Neighborhood Notification - We will notify neighbors of your sale for added help in searching for potential buyers.
  • Showings - Showings will be scheduled through Showing Time, a service that allows agents to schedule showings quickly and easily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Best Home Tour - We will create a virtual floor plan and tour of your home, if beneficial.


  • Offers - Any and all offers will be reviewed in detail with you.
  • Negotiations - All negotiations will be handled by Elaine and discussed in detail with you before proceeding to the next step.
  • Earnest Monies - All deposits will be held in a non-interest bearing escrow account in connection with the sale of your home.  At the time of closing, these funds will be distributed as advised per legal counsel.
  • Inspections - All inspections/visits, such as home inspection, appraiser, etc., to your property by the buyer and any other contractors will be arranged with us so as to alleviate any stress on you as the seller.
  • Attorney - If you would like legal counsel to review your purchase & sale and/or any other documents necessary, we are here to help.  We can refer you to some of the best area professionals.
  • Purchase & Sale - We will work with attorneys, buyer and/or buyer agent to help ensure this document is in process and executed in a timely manner.
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Certification - We will assist the fire department with any smoke/carbon monoxide appointments, if necessary.
  • Facilitating Your Transaction - We will continually monitor all deadlines and contract dates to ensure parties are adhering to the original contract.
  • Walk Through - We will schedule and accompany the buyer/buyer agent for their final walk through of your home prior to closing.
  • Closing - We will attend closing, facilitate transfer of keys when your home is officially sold, and advise you of all utilities to transfer prior to closing.

Need help purchasing your new home?  See what we will do for you as a buyer.  Have questions?  Feel free to contact us at any time for whatever real estate needs you may have.