Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Elaine is THE BEST! If I can elaborate, she truly cares about her clients, has the experience and knowledge to lend wise advice, and is completely invested in exceeding expectations. Elaine looks after anybody seeking to purchase or sell with her, lending accurate insight to market value and property maintenance costs. My wife and I were blown away by her attention to detail when assessing our home’s value, and making sure we stick to our guns through the home buying process, avoiding foolish emotion-based decisions. I am not an easy cut-and-dry client, and I am grateful for her patience.  Elaine is involved in her community as well, and is invested in the well being of all those around her. Truly a team player and an asset to anybody’s home buying or selling experience.

We recently sold our home with Elaine and her team as our realtor. She is very professional, personable, and knowledgeable about the entire buying/selling process. She provided us with contractor names who completed work for us in a timely manner allowing the house to sell quickly. As we had moved out of state during the selling process, her assistance was invaluable to us! She kept us informed, and calm, during the entire process. She has years of experience in real estate and it shows! We HIGHLY recommend Elaine and her team!

If you're looking for a true real estate professional then you have to go see Elaine.  I have never dealt with a realtor that was more knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient as Elaine and her team.  Elaine helped me every step of the selling way and even helped me on the buying end when things started getting sticky.  It's been a year now and Elaine has stayed in touch to make sure I was happy in my new home and not just walk away after the sale...THANK YOU ELAINE!!!

Elaine McDonald is an amazing Real Estate Agent. She is very professional and is extremely knowledgeable about the housing market. Her husband, Doug, is also great with pictures, paperwork, and getting everything in order. He makes you laugh even though you're stressed out beyond belief! This team sold our house in 9 days!!! The process of selling a house is so much easier when you have Elaine McDonald on your side!! I highly recommend Elaine McDonald!!

It was a wonderful experience to work with Elaine in selling property on two separate occasions.  Elaine is professional, honest, expedient, and knows her market very well.  Elaine made both very challenging events move smoothly and stayed true to her time line.  Her advise was top notch through out the process!!  I could not have asked for a better realtor to work with and would absolutely work with her again!!!!  I recommend Elaine without any reservation and with the utmost of respect!!

I have known Elaine for more than 30 years.  She is a consummate real estate professional, knowledgeable and client focused.  Elaine sold two houses for me and helped us find our present home.  Personally, I would not think of using anyone else if I need the services of a realtor.

The Perfect Choice Prior to making the decision to sell our home with the intent to downsize we had to weigh our Realtor options. Go with "someone you know" – In our case there were part timers while others were either new to the field or quite simply didn't sell many houses. Big downside there is they'll likely be mad because you didn't choose them. The other option is go with a proven well regarded veteran. We chose the latter and went with Elaine based on very positive web research, the large number of signs I've always seen around town and the fact she came highly recommended. During our first meeting it was overly apparent we made the right choice. Her knowledge of the marketplace and sell/buy processes was clearly strong. Elaine's ability to use her years of lessons learned helped us though many decision points. The spring and summer period during 2016 was incredibly busy for all realtors, and she was as busy as any of them, but I never felt like I wasn't just as important as anyone else. She and the team were super responsive, extremely knowledgeable and most of all were willing to go the distance. I quickly learned this because I saw the hours they put in every day. Not just in our case but all her clients. We received offers the first day our house went on the market and closed six or seven weeks later. We got asking price and I don't feel like we left anything on the table. Our downsize purchase went just as smooth. From the day we first met and again when she presented her market assessment, right through the inspection, legal and closings I couldn't have asked for more support, guidance and delivery. Consider this review as my recommendation to choose Elaine McDonald. Thanks Elaine and Doug!

Elaine did a great job selling my townhouse condo. She knows the local market area and how to set a price that is fair and will get offers. She went out of her way to help when difficult issues arose during the inspection including helping me hire people to fix things and/or negotiating with  buyers. Such as a rear deck that needed repair. She and her team were responsive to emails and calls all the time and were able to handle the sale process when the property was vacant and I was out of state. I would recommend Elaine to anyone looking to buy or sell. 

My fiancé and I could not be happier with our experience with Elaine. My fiancé and I had been looking for a home for months with another agent, before we'd met Elaine, and although he was nice person, he didn't seem to meet our needs. Often times he was unresponsive or unable to meet because of vacation or dinner plans. I don't expect people to be at my beck and call but we had lost opportunities to put down offers on multiple homes we were avidly interested in. When viewing homes, he left us alone with our thoughts, and had little to say about the home itself. I thought that perhaps he was respecting our space. Elaine was recommended to us by a mutual friend... She was a rock star! When she took us to see these homes, she'd walk us throughout the entire house, inside and out, and would point out every detail that may be a problem, or might need to be replaced and when, possible advantages or disadvantages if we decided to sell in a few years, what could be changed without breaking the bank. She was very responsive and made us feel very at ease when we weren't sure what to do with our nerves. We were impressed by her knowledge and wisdom. There was an opportunity to buy a more expensive home that we fell in love with, but I knew she was looking in our best interests when she explained to us why it would be a bad investment. We finally settled on a home in Sterling that needed a little fixing up. She negotiated hard for us and we were more than satisfied. We were well below budget and had plenty of room for renovations that wouldn't put us upside down. Thank you Elaine!

Elaine and Doug are an amazing team who know how to help people achieve their goals when selling and buying a home. Having sold and purchased THREE times we have seen our fair share of issues and hardships. Elaine and Doug were there to guide us through the process, coordinate with the other professionals involved and make our sales/purchases go smoothly. Our most recent move included delivering a child AND closing on a new home in the SAME WEEK!! This could have created an absorbent amount of stress, but Elaine and Doug helped us get through it all. Experts in their field, great at trying to understand what we needed through each transaction and a huge help in understanding the market. Certainly an invaluable resource in their field and a team that we would turn to again!!

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